About Me

Schello stranger! Or hi again, whichever fits…

If you don’t know me I’m Laura, and I’m all about exploring creativity, building a stable and satisfying life, and making our house a home. I strive to be a flourishing individual, whilst preserving the flare that defines me. Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, The Boston HarborwalkI adore nature, and draw much of my inspiration in life from it’s displays. I began producing and selling paper flower arrangements and other nature-enriched items in the aftermath of my DIY wedding, for which my husband and I designed and made all of the decorations and adornments, including the bouquets, invitations, and centerpieces. My hobby, allisonest, is the result of that adventure.

When I’m not creating Po-Mo pieces I can be found dabbling in the garden, where I try my hand at growing a multitude of herbs and the handful of veggies that our small backyard haven will accommodate. I love to cook using the fruits of my labor. Whether it’s basil leaves for a summer pasta salad or sprigs of mint for an evening cup of tea, I find it to be super satisfying to be able harvest my own homegrown herbs for immediate use.

I have a roaring laugh, I fall a lot, and I embrace the fact that I am a bit odd.
Life is about the little things, and this is about life.