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Handmade Basket from a Different Vine

Every few weeks we spend a night or two at our family mountain home. Although only 70-odd miles from our home in the Appalachian foothills, when there, it feels like a world away.

We use our time there to recuperate; we spend most of our time there either bird-watching in a rocker on the wrap-around, or exploring the natural grounds.

Exploring presents a wonderful opportunity to gather raw materials for upcoming projects, and to scout out new possible mediums with which to work. While exploring, I’m always on the lookout for fallen limbs or dead saplings to use as sticks for paper flower stems, as well as for expired vines to use as the makings for baskets.

The handful of vine baskets that I’ve handmade to this point have mainly been comprised of Muscadine grape vine and green sweetgum limbs, but on this last trip I ran across and gathered new potential material.

Meet Mr. Wisteria’s limbs.

I found him in a tangled pile, recently cleared from a spot that he had inhabited, uninvited.

He may require some soaking for pliability, but I hope he’ll comply and aid me in forming beautiful handmade baskets in the near future.

I’m considering this a fantastic find, for although I haven’t weaved with wisteria vines before, there seems to be massive potential.

I’ll be sure to post as soon as completed, but for now, I’m off to experiment with a coil to test it’s capabilities, and formulate a plan of attack.

Update: Well, here he is. Mr. Wisteria vine basket! Weaved with twist ties to perfection. Happily resting in his new (old) home in the foothills of where he was found.