Festivals and shows

Stanley Fall Festival

This past Saturday we spent the day peddling allisonest wares in downtown Stanley, NC at Country Fest. Our schedules for the week leading up to this yearly street festival were jam packed and in the end both my husband and I were nothing short of exhausted. Despite the eventual aching feet, we enjoyed the opportunity to share my creations.

We have a 10 month old daughter which adds an extra challenge to any endeavor. The Monday prior to the festival, Ke flew out to spend his workweek at a conference in Germany. Preparing for a festival isn’t something that I cannot handle myself, but to do so all whilst wrangling the ever-wriggling, curious rounder that is the Mag-Bird is difficult in itself, especially without the evening relief that Ke provides after his workday. To further complicate matters, the baby and I were set to travel Thursday to the mountains to spend the day and night in Boone to attend an Appalachian State football game with my parents. I knew that I had to have everything prepped and ready to go into the car before we headed up the mountain Thursday morning. After a lovely time, Magnolia and I returned home Friday afternoon, and arrived around the time Ke returned home from Europe. Luckily I only had a few final tasks to complete before the haul was car-ready. Our sweet jetlagged Baba strategically packed the car after dinner and, after unpacking from the mountains/Europe, we all bedded down semi-early for a 5am start Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, i.e. getting to the site and setting up, went rather smoothly, thankfully, since we were both still recovering from our already busy weeks. The morning was cloudy, and thus more chilly than expected. The baby behaved, which is actually usually the case, since she enjoys the hustle and bustle of public events. We brought her highchair for feeding and to be a station at which she would hang out when our arms grew tired. She wanted so badly to crawl about. As if basic instincts weren’t enough of an influence when deciding against letting her, the bits of glass from a broken vase (a victim of the wind) reminded us of the uncertainties of the terrain, with respect to baby hands and knees. My aunt had her own booth about block down from us, so when Magnolia became especially antsy, it meant a walk to see Aunt Net was due.

Overall we had a wonderful time, and came to view the event as a family bonding experience. At previous festivals and shows I had only sold kusudama flowers, but this time I branched out a bit, offering pre-arranged pieces as well as large and small individuals, handmade baby headbands and legwarmers, and crocheted wool ponchos and scarves (made by my mother in her newly-retired free time). We are looking forward to attending a few more events this fall, and to participating to many more in the future.