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Vase of Base

I have a serious passion for inexpensive but interesting glassware and pottery.

Colored glass? Yes please.

Vibrant pottery? I’ll take it.

But after trying to find a place for my, I dunno, hundredth (?) ‘had to have it’ vase-type item, I realized that interior decorating should be less about displaying clutter, and more about beautiful functionality.  In an effort to break myself of the tendency to simply collect and display pieces, I began focusing on finding a function for those interesting but useless beauties that I had acquired. This shift in mentality awoke me from an apparent stupor, during which I had managed to transform my entire house into an unusually large hope chest.

In essence, I saw the sign.

I eventually settled on creating a union between my impractical vase-like items and another over-abundant staple in our home.

My first attempt: Pitcher vase- meet house plant.

Around here I call this species Mr. Crawlie Arms, but most know him as the ever common and prolific golden pothos.

He seemed to thrive wonderfully in his new home. I was so pleased with the outcome that I donated another of my pitcher vase specimens to my ‘indoor jungle-fication’ cause.

I tell myself that we keep tons of indoor plants around to promote having clean air in the house and to help offset indoor pollutants. In reality, the motivation is much more simple than the functionality implied in these aforementioned reasons.

Truthfully I’m less calculating than that- I just think they look cool.